International Work

Over the last 15 years, I’ve taken numerous trips to developing countries. Each involved traveling to different kinds of development projects to observe, volunteer, and occasionally be paid as a consultant.

Nepal: Cross-cultural challenges of working in Nepal

Ecuador: These Ecuadorians dance way better than I do

Nicaragua: What if we pulled together a group of people who were willing to go where the needs are great, and commit time and money to a three-year project?

Philippines: We learned how American “best practices” and “standards” would translate to groups serving young people and families half a world away

Bolivia: CARE broadens connection to the whole world


Several years ago I wrote a longer article for Foundation News and Commentary as a part of work I was doing for the Seattle Foundation. Much of that involved working with immigrant and low income populations in Seattle. I was continually perplexed by my own role: What kind of authority and expectations should I have towards people of different cultures as they came to me for grants?

Here is a link to a paper about the complexities I encountered and tried to think through:

Transfer skills and abilities – Grantmakers as intercultural bridges


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