20 Years of Travel


Steve Forman in an Afghan refugee camp near the Kyber Pass, Pakistan

It started when I was at a party and met a guy who knew someone needing some papers “couriered” to London. After phone instructions later that week, I found myself on a flight, having checked several large boxes that had been handed to me (along with my ticket) by “Jim.”

I was met at Heathrow, and after handing the goods over, found myself with 36 hours to kill before flying back. I was quite satisfied at completing this somewhat obtuse and maybe illicit transaction, and fancied myself quite the secret agent. I headed into the city in great good spirits.

The combination of jet lag and youth (I’d never been abroad) made London just leap out at me in its worldliness and excitement and newness. I never went to sleep, and seemed to have one little adventure after another.

One of the quieter moments had me staring into a display case at the British Museum reading the original manuscripts of John Locke. I was leaning on the case, and suddenly was looking down at myself from somewhere above, feeling – experiencing, really – senses of “history” and “place” for what seemed like the first time.

I knew right then that I needed to see a lot more of the world.

And so began my 20 Years of Travel.


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